Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pictures from 2014 Spring Session

Making bird feeders for Birding class!

Student taught science experiments!

 Statehouse field trip!

Dissecting owl pellets!

 Mock trial in Government!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toothpick Bridge Competition

The final project for physics class was to construct a toothpick bridge.  Whichever bridge held the most weight was the winner!

The winning bridge!  Congratulations Leah!


Survive Alive Field Trip

Have you ever heard of Survive Alive?  It's a fire safety program located at the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum on Massachusetts Avenue.  The Survive Alive team presents fire safety in a fun and engaging way--they even have Survive Alive Village, complete with fake smoke to practice what to do in case of a fire!  Our younger and older children enjoyed Survive Alive, as well as the Firefighters Museum that we visited afterward.  We recommend you visit too!  Click here for the Survive Alive website.  

How tough are those boots?  Sarah can't feel Ezekiel jumping!

Check out those reflectors!

Sarah is modeling a firefighter's gear.

Don't be scared!  It's a firefighter here to help!  

Learning fire safety!

The whole group

Heart to heart between Mr. Vince and Luke

Aslan is the smoke detector.  Laura is the Mommy testing the detector.

This is a safe fire

About to practice "Stop Drop Cover Roll"

He's ready to "Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll!"

Safely escaping the smoke

After exiting the window, the children gathered at a meeting place and one of them ran to the neighbor's to call for help.  All of this is in Survive Alive Village.